Travelling is an essential part of growing.  We can’t really expand our minds if we don’t know what’s out there.  This photo I took on a recent flight is pretty evocative of what I mean.  At least, at this particular moment I feel that way.

So I changed the layout of Optimistic Underground for the first time since its inception at the beginning of 2009.  I wanted to open things up a bit, shift the color palette, and attempt a bit more legibility.  Feels good man.

I’m creating this page to be used as a forum for not only feedback and suggestions on the blog itself, but to be used as a temporary platform to bounce ideas about music – upcoming, old or otherwise – and everything else we’re interested in, back and forth.  Hopefully we can come up with new ways to communicate on here, as the current format was simply feeling stagnant and in need of a big hit on the ‘shuffle’ button.

In the near future Optimistic Underground will be more navigable and more of a conversation than it has been in the past.  And it will be more fun.  We can all use more fun.

~ David James

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