Boris – Rainbow

Boris with Michio Kurihara, a celestially inspired combination.  The greatest modern heavy rock band hosting a mind-meld with the transcendent axe man of the greatest psych group in Japan.  The results speak for themselves.


Reverberations heard within God’s eardrum.  This is power and beauty expressed on a singular razor’s edge  of subtly aggressive rock.  The nine tracks contained within are the epiphany which subconscious hopes and dreams strive toward.  More gorgeous than usual Boris recordings, harder and sharper than Ghost‘s output, it’s a transformative moment for all parties involved – not least of which the listener himself.  Bathe in these stratospheric waters.  Embrace the tidal winds.  Ride the Rainbow.

At this moment I’m sort of at a loss for words.  Just listen if you’re not familiar.  If you are, fire it up and stare at that wonderfully appropriate artwork.

[obtain this wonderful slice of sound at amazon or cd universe]

About David James

I try to do good in life. I strive to help others. My drive is to open minds, and make someone feel better. Sharing art aids in achieving this. Writing is what I do. Music is my passion.

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  1. This is so fucking good. I can listen to “Fuzzy Reactor” over and over again. I always thought this was the album cover for the album.

    Do not sleep on this folks.

    • optimistic_tour

      That’s actually the original japanese release on Pedal – which, incidentally this copy is.

      BUT I like the american artwork a lot better. It’s simply more expressive and gorgeous and representative of the music – as opposed to the plain Pedal artwork which obviously doesn’t try to sway potential listeners either way.

      This one’s nice artwork isn’t it?

  2. fromherewegosublime

    yeah the american artwork is definitely the better one.

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