Can – Future Days

Can rock the world.  Really fucking hard.  If you don’t know this in your body and soul, then take the time to either A) reassess your lifestyle, or B) start listening to their albums and make life a little better for your self and loved ones alike.


Exploding onto the earth with their debut album Monster Movie as a woolly, ragged psychedelic unit, Can morphed into the towering kings of krautrock with Tago Mago and Ege Bamyasi before shedding any conventional sense of genre or precedent with the transcendental masterpiece Future Days.  The four tracks on this album move through galaxies of musical topography in such a slippery enigmatic form that precious few moments are liable to be pinned down under a paradigm; it simply rides freely on it’s own bent energy, on a different level altogether from the band’s output, before or since.  This album is like riding astral seas through the universe, a glass ship gliding over sparkling azure waves – all of existence thrown into sharp relief from this perspective, clarified as the remarkably beautiful creation it truly is.  It’s the sound of propulsive, disorienting adventure and inner peace realized one in the same.  It’s action and understanding.  It’s a compulsively listenable record from one of the best bands of the 20th century.  Just listen.

[get your hands on this through amazon or boomkat or treat yourself to the vinyl LP from musicdirect for a reasonable price]

About David James

I try to do good in life. I strive to help others. My drive is to open minds, and make someone feel better. Sharing art aids in achieving this. Writing is what I do. Music is my passion.

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  1. fromherewegosublime

    I already have this but I am gonna grab this because I am assuming this is in 320kbps??

    • optimistic_tour

      Yeah man.

      I can point you to the flac version too if you’d like!

      • please do so, would really like to hear this in all its glory.

        by the way, update the blog!, really like what you post

        • optimistic_tour

          There you go! Can’t believe I forgot about this.

          Anyway I haven’t been able to update for a couple weeks because my motherboard fan is fucked – hopefully it will be in the post today, because I can’t run the wp client or anything remotely intensive while this part’s broken!

  2. Best album ever by one of the greatest bands of all time. This has always, and will always be my favourite Can album, and is always first down on any form of Best Albums ever list. I fucking love this.

    • optimistic_tour

      Good to hear man, it’s fucking perfect. I’m glad I took a closer listen to Future Days last week, because after just a couple more plays it became apparent as my favorite Can, leaping right past Tago Mago into it’s own realm. Damn fine. I had the urge to keep going with this post, writing more and gushing about the record but I thought I’d keep it simple and just, you know, say it straight.

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