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Quote For April 23 2009

“Old elephants limp off to the hills to die; old Americans go out to the highway and drive themselves to death with huge cars.”

- Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 1971


About David James

I try to do good in life. I strive to help others. My drive is to open minds, and make someone feel better. Sharing art aids in achieving this. Writing is what I do. Music is my passion.

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  1. fromherewegosublime

    We can’t stop here, this is bat country

  2. i prefer “i feel the same way about disco as i do about herpes”

  3. optimistic_tour

    well I could, of course, flip to nearly any page in any Thompson book I have and find something quotable… something just struck me at that moment and I had to share it. Probably the fact that it’s so utterly true..

  4. i wouldnt know about that, seeing as i’m european. you americans sure have big cars though

    and good writers

  5. fantastic pic and quote! really though, how do you pick out one hunter s thompson quote? Oh and how about my halloween costume a few years back:

    bad pic, but what the hell…

    • optimistic_tour

      NICE! That was my costume in 07 too!! Seriously, we rock. I’m going to try finding a pic of that, I know one’s around here somewhere.

      And yeah, it’s impossible to pick a quote. In fact I was thinking about having an “enjoyable quote” series, and then separately, a Thompson quote series.

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